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Page Text: Twitter Facebook Link Print Keep up with what's happening at Spirituality & Practice. Our free E-NEWSLETTER gives you links to new content and news about our plans and activities. Delivered right to your email inbox twice a month, it will help you discover new books and films, learn new practices, meet new spiritual teachers, explore topics through curated content, find out about programs for your spiritual life, and more. Links to past newsletters are listed in the right sidebar or at the bottom of this page. Our E-COURSES ANNOUNCEMENTS list ensures you will be the first to learn about new E-Courses with Practice Circles, On-Demand E-Courses, Practice Groups, Webinars, Free Downloads, and other programs. Looking for a nugget of daily inspiration and a suggestion for how you can practice that thought during the day? Our SPIRITUAL PRACTICE OF THE DAY daily email program delivers wisdom from the world's spiritual traditions along with practical and specific first steps to embrace these ideas in your everyday life. Sometimes these practices are activities to do; other times they are questions for reflection. For examples, see this list or this gallery or this gallery. Updates about THE PRACTICING DEMOCRACY PROJECT -- a collaboration between Spirituality & Practice and the Fetzer Institute -- will bring you Practice Alerts, Invitations to Conversations, and Content Updates on a wide variety of new and curated resources and practices to support a flourishing democracy. Past Updates are listed on this page. We guarantee that your email address will only be used for our communications with you and will not be rented or shared with others (see our Privacy Policy ). You can revoke permission to mail to your email address at any time using the Unsubscribe link found at the bottom of every email.

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