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Page Text: ARTC Move Your Freight On Rail Move Your Freight On Rail Today, rail freight services all major capitals cities, markets, regional freight centres and import/export ports in Australia. We work with rail operators to provide access to rail for businesses and producers across Australia. If you need to move large volumes of freight, we can help you do it. While heavier goods moved in large quantities is a natural fit to rail, there are many other opportunities for your business – be it fast moving consumer products, bulk goods, regional freight or an import/export task. Interstate rail reliability has improved dramatically over recent years, delivering consistent, high freight availability and making sure your freight is there when you need it. It offers significant advantages over other modes of transportation. Efficiency The average time needed to transport materials from one point to another by rail has become cost and time competitive with road freight. Interstate rail reliability and efficiency have vastly improved, and that trend is continuing. Capacity Freight trains are capable of carrying high volumes – more than other modes of land transport can handle at any one time. Flexibility There are hundreds of services every month to meet your needs and a range of service offerings, from express to high volume, double stacked or high cube vans. Cost Savings Rail provides distance, scale and mass advantages that can significantly improve your transportation cost base. Environmental Benefits Rail is considered one of the most energy-efficient means of transportation. It means less pollution, a lower carbon footprint, improved fuel efficiency and less resources wasted. Safety Rail accident averages are much lower than those of other modes of transportation such as road. Using rail also means less cars and trucks on the roads, meaning fewer accidents. Contact Us Contact a member of our business development team if you are interested in how you can move your freight by rail. Interstate

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