Page Title: Status report for July 2019 (and the future): Services on Windows 10 Mobile

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Page Text: Application updates and installs will be fine until well into 2020 and possibly 2021. Store client Ignore scare stories about the Store client itself not being updated anymore - updates with bug fixes and security tweaks will continue for years (2021+), albeit with new features and UI fanciments only for Redstone 3 and above (i.e. on Desktop/Hololens, etc.) Auto-Photos upload to OneDrive Until December 2020 - after that you'd have to upload images manually. OneDrive music streaming Stopped from May 2019 onwards, at least from within Groove Music app . You can still stream or download from third party applications - see the linked article for suggestions. OneDrive No cessation date announced, likely 2022 or beyond. Outlook Mail, Calendar No cessation date announced, likely 2022 or beyond. Office UWP applications No cessation date announced, likely 2022 or beyond. Maps/Navigation No cessation date announced, likely 2022 or beyond. News, Weather No cessation date announced, likely 2022 or beyond. Films & TV (aka 'Movies & TV') No cessation date announced, but several rumours. Clever money has new purchases stopping some time in 2019 and no access to past purchases stopping in 2020. Just a guess. Skype No cessation date announced, but it's 100% online and requires server integration, obviously, so I wouldn't be surprised if a date (January 2020) was announced later in 2019, tying in with the end of support for the OS itself. Social applications Twitter Official client is a PWA  (link is to latest update), but works very well apart from lack of push notifications. API limitations at Twitter's end mean that there's no fully working third party alternative (i.e. that also has access to DMs). Facebook Official (Osmeta-based, derived from iOS codebase) client has now been withdrawn from the Store, as of June 2019, and even if you have it previously installed then it crashes and burns. There are numerous Facebook 'scraping' applications and options though, and these run faster and more efficiently than the Facebook original client (go figure!) Facebook Messenger Official (Osmeta-based, derived from iOS codebase) client also now not available anymore. Good riddance, arguably, since it was bloated. The solutions linked in the row above also include basic Messenger support, though. Apparently. Never used Messenger in my life! Instagram Official (Osmeta-based, derived from iOS codebase) client has now been withdrawn, being part of the Facebook 'empire'. There are several third party alternatives though, the clear favourite of which is Winsta UWP . Whatsapp The official WP8.1 client continues to work well, though it has been announced that it will stop working after December 2019 , as per Windows 10 Mobile official support timescale. It's also going to be withdrawn from the Store after June 2019 , i.e. to stop new downloads, so avoid doing a reset and rebuild of your phone if you depend on this service. Telegram Plenty of options here, with an official 8.1 application that is gradually falling into disrepair, but also an official PWA that works well (though with no push notifications) and an actively developed third party app, Unigram UWP . Viber This messaging app has a first party UWP application, but reviews have been patchy - it's not actively updated. Ping me if you have more information - I've never used it! Snapchat This has never been on Windows phones and never will be. Apparently the founder hated Microsoft and Windows.... Pinterest There's no official client for this, but  in Edge seems to be a PWA and acts like an application. Plus, if you still want a native UWP application experience, there's 'Piny - Pinterest with love' UWP Media consumption Spotify The official WP8.1 application still technically runs, but has now lost search functions and is clearly on the way out. If you're serious about Spotify though, then you'll have the £10/month premium tier, and then you can use the new and rather swish Spotimo UWP . There's also the quirky but rather wonderful Spoticast Music UWP , though it cheats in terms of its music sources, which can be confusing. Still, it's gloriously bonkers and very pretty! Or try the Spotify Web Wrapper UWP , which presents a front end to the Desktop Spotify web experience and which seems to work very well, though the developer is somewhat at the mercy of what Spotify might do in the future. Still, options! Netflix The official WP8.1 application still works well, albeit slow to load video streams. It hasn't been updated for years though and (again) I wouldn't be surprised to see Netflix stop supporting it after Dec 2019. Amazon Prime Video Amazon has never had an official application for Windows phones, but if you're happy to fiddle a little in Edge then you can watch this on the go . It's not trivial though and a complete pain in the proverbial compared to the slick experience in a dedicated app on other platforms. Deezer There's a rather good official UWP client for this , so no need to look further. I'd expect this to work well into 2020, and possibly beyond. YouTube One of the more famous spats between Google and Microsoft, this hasn't had an official application for years, though of course it works fine in the Edge browser. I'd recommend myTube! , Perfect Tube or Awesome Tube though, all UWP applications with slick interfaces and all kept bang up to date. BBC iPlayer This has been browser-only for years under Windows phone and Windows 10 Mobile, but it's fine. The usual log into the BBC servers and you're in and watching. There's no downloading of programmes for watching later though, for DRM reasons. Do please let me know, by email or in the comments, if there are any inaccuracies in the above table or if you have information to update it. Thanks. Delivering a 'report card' for the status above is tricky. I'd say that the OS is viable still, with the obvious omissions (tap to pay, IoT support, online banking apps) that have been there for a while now. There are certainly enough workarounds and alternative applications for most people. But your comments and updates welcome! This is an update to the original story, so I've left previous comments in place. PS. Another valid question might be what will happen to AAWP itself in 2020 and beyond? Rafe and I will chat about resources, of course, but a) do please join the occasional guest writers if you have something to say/review/discuss, email me at, and b) well, you know where my  tip jar  is...(!) Meta, Share, Comments

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