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Page Text: AAWP Insight 257: 2019 special! OK, it's been a while. Rafe is so busy these days, I thought I'd do a special podcast (maybe one of several) with guests. Starting with Mark and Lee Swidler, who have been helping me with my Lumia 950/Nokia 9 comparisons. In Phones Show Chat 491 , they went into detail on the new Nokia, but here they focus more on the '950', which has been serving them both well for three years. But for how much longer, for both the hardware and the OS? I investigate, in audio form! # Posted by in Media || Comments 15:36, Mar 26th AAWP Insight 256: Two to the Power of Eight With Rafe Blandford still buried in work, I enlisted Steve Heinrich to fill in on the AAWP Insight podcast, in a whistle stop tour of recent stories and with a few rants and opinions along the way. See the show notes below! # Posted by in Media || Comments 14:43, Aug 8th AAWP Insight #255: Go, go, go! After something of a gap, we're back - Rafe and I chatting about the goings on in the Windows and other relevant tech world. In particular we chat about the new Surface Go, the possible delay to Surface Mobile, and about the recent BBC4 documentary. # Posted by in Media || Comments 17:08, Jul 12th AAWP Insight #254: UWP apps incoming I catch up with Rafe Blandford and we cover some of the good new UWP apps reviewed on the site, plus we chat more about the 'thousand cuts' editorial and - yes - there's a little more Surface Mobile gazing, spurred on by Paul Thurrott's glimpse at Microsoft 'internal documents'. # Posted by in Media || Comments 08:49, Jun 14th AAWP Insight #253: A thousand cuts indeed With Rafe having a busy week, I catch up with Steve Heinrich and mull over the balance between Microsoft and Google, between Windows 10 Mobile and Android. Turns out my 'thousand cuts' article rang true with him. We mull over Photos and the Store in particular. Plus we indulge in some Surface Mobile optimism - again. # Posted by in Media || Comments 18:26, Jun 6th AAWP Insight #252: PWAs and Platforms I collar Rafe for a chat and catch-up - we talk PWAs, platforms, the changing of UIs and form factors, Skype and Teams. And a few tangents besides. So break out your classic 8.1 Lumia, unfold your Surface Mobile cardboard mock-up and sit down for a chatty 41 minutes of Insight! # Posted by in Media || Comments 06:08, May 18th AAWP Insight #251: Where next? Android or iOS? It's a fair cop, it's been a few weeks since the last one, but Rafe and I finally got together for another podcast, almost an hour long, chatting about some new UWP applications and some breaking news, but mostly debating what platform and what devices Windows phone enthusiasts might like to consider 'next' when the time comes. # Posted by in Media || Comments 08:08, May 1st AAWP Insight #250: Looking both forwards and backwards Rafe Blandford is back! In a late night, chocolate-fuelled podcast we chat about both current news and older matters, picking our favourite Windows phone of all time - which turns out to be the same and a sister device to a Symbian flagship. There's then a focus(!) on phone imaging generally, before we sign off on a quarter of a century of AAWP podcasts. # Posted by in Media || Comments 09:13, Apr 6th

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All About Windows Phone Latest Podcast Recent Galleries Recent Podcasts News, reviews, information and apps for Windows Phone. Gallery: Surface Go Gallery: Wileyfox Pro AAWP Insight 257: 2019 special! AAWP Insight 256: Two to the Power of Eight AAWP Insight #255: Go, go, go! AAWP Insight #254: UWP apps incoming AAWP Insight #253: A thousand cuts indeed AAWP Insight #252: PWAs and Platforms AAWP Insight #251: Where next? Android or iOS? AAWP Insight #250: Looking both forwards and backwards AAWP Insight #249: Usability Matters AAWP Insight #248: Windows 10 Mobile vs Android AAWP Insight #247: UWP directory and MWC 2018 AAWP Insight #246: Pretending to be a Lumia 950, and 8.1 vs W10M AAWP Insight #245: Hello gets more reliable AAWP Insight #244: Expected app lifetimes, Wileyfox woes AAWP Insight #243: Don't Panic! AAWP Insight #242: Surface Mobile and the WC crossover AAWP Insight #241: The Pro verdict and double hinges AAWP Insight #240: Wileyfox Pro, Security, Surface Mobile AAWP Insight 239: Patents, Refreshing and Optimising, Wileyfox Pro AAWP Insight #238: Top apps, Microsoft on iOS and Android AAWP Insight #237: New Windows phones are an Indiegogo AAWP Insight #236: 'Surface Pro Mini' and Mixed Reality AAWP Insight #235: Of iPhones and Ideas AAWP Insight #234: The Bricked Off Tunnel AAWP Insight #233: View from the developer dungeon AAWP Insight #232: Windows 10 Mobile dead? Not so fast! AAWP Insight #231: New branch, new support deadline! AAWP Insight #230: Highlighting Windows 10 Mobile AAWP Insight #229: Wake up, Alcatel USA! AAWP Insight #228: IDOL 4 Pro report from the road AAWP Insight #227: IDOLs for all AAWP Insight #226: Emoji 5.0 AAWP Insight #225: Updates still coming  AAWP Insight #224: Itching for that premium feel AAWP Insight #223: The phablet that's a tablet? Subscribe to AAWP Insight Podcast Search Social Advert Newsletter Accessibility Font Size:     A- A A+  About us: Site Sections: Also All About Site notes Related Sites 

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