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Page Text: Real world (2x, 3x) phone imaging zoom tests: a variety of approaches! Yes, the likes of the Huawei P30 Pro have brought 5x telephoto lenses to the smartphone world. But for casual, real world zooming, i.e. modest zoom on likely subjects at 2x and 3x, what are the pros and cons of computational versus optical zoom in smartphone cameras? I explore this, with the help of the Lumia 1020, a modern Pixel 3, a modern Samsung, and that aforementioned P30 Pro... # Posted by Steve in Features || Comments 06:22, Jul 18th AAWP's Top 5 smartphone accessories I often get asked which accessories I recommend - power banks, keyboards, headphones - and I've tested quite a few, so I thought it would be useful if I listed my Top 5 accessories, the ones I use day to day and which travel with me, either in a pocket or in my briefcase. All highly recommended, and I'll link back to my original reviews, for more information. In no particular order... # Posted by Steve in Features || Comments 12:06, Jul 16th Contrast and sharpening are overrated: purity should be the end goal... I realise I'm the lone voice shouting in the wilderness here, but after multiple comments on multiple imaging features here on AAWP I wanted to respond - with a real world example - of why higher contrast and sharpening may look better on the phone screen but they're 'damaged' photos and greater purity (yes, yes, 'PureView') is where phone camera makers should be aiming their shots... # Posted by Steve in Features || Comments 15:42, Jul 15th Status report for July 2019 (and the future): Services on Windows 10 Mobile With some social applications, comms apps and Microsoft services being phased out in 2019 and beyond, I thought a ready reference table of where Windows 10 Mobile stands would be useful. And I'll try to revisit this every few months to update each section as needed. In summary, there's likely to be a little disruption to 'normal' activities this year and a few more caveats in 2020, when Windows 10 Mobile will be out of official support. Anyway, see below for details! # Posted by Steve in Features || Comments 15:33, Jul 11th Budget smartphone super-camera shootout (950, One Vision, 3a XL, S9+) Four totally different smartphones, with two things in common - they can all be obtained for less than £400 and they all still - justifiably - claim to have world class imaging. And, with some decent weather in the UK for once, it's a golden opportunity to do a four way camera shootout. Can the AAWP champion Lumia 950 be bettered by such 'budget' Android imaging pretenders? Let's find out. # Posted by Steve in Features || Comments 12:21, Jul 7th Life after Lumias? Where next? The top 5 smartphone replacements In the past, I've mentioned a few examples of possible smartphones to consider jumping to if you reach the end of the road with your Windows phone, but I wanted to amplify this and give you the full picture, as of July 2019. Yes, Windows 10 Mobile still has six months of support left, but at some point even enthusiasts may reach the point where it becomes appropriate to wonder what might be next in our lives... Here are my Top 5 suggestions. # Posted by Steve in Features || Comments 06:40, Jul 4th How to: take the Lumia 735 up to branch 1709 and retain monthly updates The Lumia 735 (and 830 with it) were popular Lumias that, in theory, ended their Microsoft days on Windows 10 Mobile branch 1607 ('Anniversary Update'), for which monthly OS updates stopped six months ago. Yet most AAWP readers will have jumped on the Insiders programme a year or so ago at some point, and so most owners of these phones will now be on branch 1703 ('Creators Update', CU). And that too is now, officially, out of monthly support. So here's a step by step guide to 'faking' a more modern phone and getting any of these older phones onto branch 1709 ('Fall Creators Update', FCU) and thus back into a new six months of updates. # Posted by Steve in Features || Comments 06:33, Jul 2nd Wot, no PureView? Imaging head to head: Pixel 3 (Q) and P30 Pro (161) Despite my comparisons of current imaging flagships with the classic Nokia 808, Lumia 1020 and 950, people rightly point out that these 'benchmark' comparisons are just that - benchmarks. What about pitching potential Android purchases against each other? i.e. if imaging is your top concern, how does the highly rated Google Pixel 3 XL camera (now with Android Q under the hood) fare against the PureView-evolved Huawei P30 Pro, now with its new '161' imaging update? # Posted by Steve in Features || Comments 10:38, Jun 26th Why is AAWP still here; why still write about Windows phones? As you might imagine, I get quite a bit of stick on social media from Windows-haters, wondering why AAWP still exists, wondering why I still write here, pointing out that Windows on phones isn't relevant in the marketplace anymore. Here's my answer - it's all about support and the installed base of users. # Posted by Steve in Features || Comments 15:03, Jun 24th Camera head to head: Lumia 950 vs Huawei P30 Pro (with camera fixes) I've already pitched these two phone camera systems head to head , but Huawei claims significant photo quality improvements for its new firmware, now in place, so I thought a re-test was in place. The P30 Pro is essentially a modern day Lumia 1020 and is the de facto natural place for Nokia/Lumia imaging fans to end up in the modern Android world. So, how good is the P30 Pro now? # Posted by Steve in Features || Comments 08:02, Jun 22nd

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