Page Title: Travel Trolley 24*7 - Call 0844 855 8150 to book Flights and Holidays

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Page Description: Contact - Call us at 0844 855 8150 for cheap flights tickets, Travel Trolley is one of the most popular travel agencies in UK - Universal House, 20 - 22 High Street Iver, Bucks, SL0 9NG

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Page Text: Why Book with Travel Trolley? Here are some reasons why you should book with us. Travel Trolley Partnerships: Travel Trolley is a part of bigger Southall Travel Group and leverages its strategic partnerships with global airlines and hotel suppliers to bring to you the best air fares for worldwide destinations as well as hotel deals. Travel Trolley is Safe: Travel trolley provides you an iron-clad financial protection; all holidays booked with us that include air travel are protected through our ATOL licence from Civil Aviation Authority. Travel Trolley is an ABTA member and an IATA Accredited travel agency which add to its credibility. Best Price Policy: Booking with Travel Trolley means you will get the cheapest price be it flights only or holiday packages including hotels. We offer the 'best price guarantee' to our customers. Vast Inventory of Deals: An extensive array of fares with almost all global airlines for travel to anywhere in the world, apart from an assortment of hotel deals allow Travel Trolley to tailor a deal that best suits your unique requirements, be it a budget or luxury travel. Travel Trolley is your one-stop shop for all your air travel needs. Book Online or Over the Phone: Travel Trolley offers you the flexibility to either book online or over the phone. Our online booking engine allows you to book your travel online from the comfort of your office or home any time round the clock. Additionally, you can call and speak with our trained travel experts who are available 24/7. Fare Alerts: Sign up for Travel Trolley's fare alerts and you will never miss the special offers that we keep introducing from time to time for destinations worldwide. Our fare alerts keep you posted with the forthcoming special fares, a number of which we are unable to advertise openly on our website. What are the services offered by Travel Trolley? Travel Trolley is your 'one stop shop' for all your travel arrangements including flights, hotels, holiday packages, visa and insurance advice, multi centre holidays etc. We are able to tailor the itineraries to best suit your unique requirements for flights and holidays so that you are able to conclude your leisure or business travel in the most comfortable of ways. We are currently offering only flights deals to our customers and are working on providing other services soon. What is the USP of Travel Trolley? Travel Trolley has been established with the primary goal to provide a one-stop travel shop for business and leisure, clients to pick from top quality travel solutions tailored to best suit their unique requirements. Travel Trolley combines the advantage of industry expertise that has been built over three decades with a brand new customer service goal and is committed to offer value for money proposition for your air travel and holidays to worldwide destinations. Our commitment to exceed your expectations at every front, including the prices as well as customer service, is our USP. Can Travel Trolley find me Cheap Air Tickets? Travel Trolley is able to leverage the strategic partnerships of its parent company with the world's most popular airlines to bring to you the cheapest fares for your air travel no matter the destination. We guarantee to provide you with the best fare available at the time of booking under our 'best price guarantee'. Our confidence to get you the best price emanates from our extensive network of partners in the travel industry. I want to book tickets with Cheap Airlines. Can Travel Trolley help me? Travel Trolley maintains a vast inventory of fares with low cost carriers as well as full service airlines. Even when we quote you the fares with the full service star rated airlines, we will ensure that you get the best price available for the dates of your travel. Travel Trolley advertises an array of fares for cheap economy, business and first class with countless airlines on its website. Just supply your travel dates and destination and you will have endless choices in terms of not just airlines, but also direct and indirect flights etc. I book frequently with Travel Trolley. Do I have any benefit? At Travel Trolley, we value your custom. It is the loyalty of our customers that has helped us become such a popular name in a much shorter duration. All deals available with Travel Trolley are available at the best price in the market so you can be assured of getting the best discounts and bargain deals with us. However, as a token of our appreciation for your business, if we are able to add to the already discounted prices, we would gladly do so. How do I make the payment? Are there any surcharges? You can pay with a credit or debit card over the phone or online. Balance payments can be made by contacting our Customer Services on 0208 843 4400. We do not charge any additional surcharge for payments made through credit cards. What are e-tickets and how do they benefit me? The majority of airlines across the world offer Electronic Tickets or e-tickets. One of the major advantages of an eticket is that it does not require a paper ticket/record as a confirmation of your flight since that is held by the airline´s computerized ticketing system in an electronic format. An e-ticket means you need not carry a paper ticket while travelling and hence there is no fear of losing it. Since it exists in electronic format, you do not have to wait for your ticket to arrive by post. You can use your e-ticket at the self service check-in machines so avoiding long queues at the manual check-in desks still operated by most airlines. You can also print your boarding pass and track your air miles (if applicable) by using these automated machines. To use this service you will need the following means of identification: The credit card which you used to purchase your tickets Traveller loyalty card. An e-ticket receipt. You will need to confirm the airline reference number given at the time of booking. Please note that some airlines still issue paper tickets for certain flights on certain sectors. If you receive a paper ticket (a card ticket/coupon in a wallet) you must present this at the airport check-in counter or you will be unable to board your flight. If you are unsure of the type of ticket (e-ticket / paper ticket) issued to you, please contact our customer services team at What travel documents do I need and when will I receive them? For each element of your holiday that you have booked with us - e.g. flights, car hire bookings, invoices, e-tickets, insurance, hotel vouchers etc - we will issue the relevant documentation. We will send out your documents for hotel & package bookings so that you receive them at least 7 days prior to your departure. Note: Some documents may be sent separately. Please contact us at if you have not received your documents 7 days prior to departure.

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