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Page Description: Hi, welcome to my little corner of the K-blogging world. I'm surprised and touched that you are visiting, and I hope you'll return. I'm a Korean drama/movie addict and editor with WITHS2, the best Korean fansub group in the world.  I love watching K-dramas and movies, but I love discussing and writing about them even more.…

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Page Text: May 12, 2011 at 11:06 am Love your blogs ! I have always loved the movies as a child – my maternal family used to own all the open air cinemas in Singapore/Johore eons ago. The magic, romance and thrill of those days remain with me for a long time. I guess a multiple-location career of over two decades in high powered finance with 3 global financial insitutions would have made jaded cynics out of most. But not a movie/drama buff. I chanced upon k-drama by pure accident recently (with thanks to accompanying my 72 year old mother through a few shows- she is a huge fan). I have to say that I been pleasantly surprised by the quality and depth of some of the acting. I have always regarded the acting profession with awe. At its very best, it is an energetic means of expressing the human condition in a way that raises multiple levels of awareness in its audience. Actors ( I use this as a gender-neutral term) are channels for the crystallization of energies -largely fears and hopes – from the larger collective consciousness. Among the great actors I admire are the very perceptive, self-aware, totally human individuals who are able to transcend and transform their total being into the roles they play , thereby bringing the spotlight on nuances in the often overlooked situations and touch the souls of those watching. One reason k-drama is so popular is that many of these address issues that resonate with the larger audience in dire need of escape, hope. a healthy dosage of laughter (and sunshine!) and gentle reminders of what being human is really all about. [And of course we have writers who drive us nuts with “what were they thinking about? “( Don’t even let me get started with Lovers in Paris… )] I jsutw ant to say that your blogs and guest bloggers (such as samsooki) have certainly added a new rich, delicious and multiple textured dimension to the whole k-drama experience. Thank you!

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