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Page Text: How does superannuation work Superannuation is simply saving money in a trust for your retirement. If you are an employee, your employer will pay a certain percentage of your salary into your super account. Currently, the percentage is at 9.5% and will gradually increase to 12%. The money in the superannuation trust is also ... Superannuation spouse contribution and tax offset Spouse contribution helps to boost the superannuation fund of low income earning spouse or non-working spouse, the government has introduced spouse contribution so as an individual can contribute on behalf of their spouse. On contributing to your spouse’s super, you can benefit a maximum tax ... Superannuation co-contribution and tax benefits Super co-contribution is intended for low-income earners whose income is less than the upper-income threshold. The federal government is giving away money for any contribution in after tax that is made to your super fund. The amount that the government pays you varies year to year, for ...

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