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Page Description: One of the things that fascinates me as a genealogist is how our ancestors moved around the country following the ebb and flow of economic fortune. Except, in my case, I've the feeling that, until recent generations, my ancestors didn't move around much. To examine this further I'm looking at two different generations; My great-grandparents, born…

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Page Text: 4 4 Among the 23 remaining ancestors all were born between 1777 and 1816, roughly 64 years before their grand-children. As the map shows the grandparents of Elizabeth Ann Basham all lived in the same place, whilst another two families, those of Maria Singleton Armstrong and Hannah Cornforth had multiple grandparents born in the same village. The most significant outlier in this group is John Whittle 1778-1872 (marked in dark blue) who was the grandfather of George Grass. I’ve marked him as being born in Henham, Suffolk (as per the 1861 census), but equally he could have been born in Hingham, Norfolk (1851 census) or Henham Green, Suffolk (1871 census). Final Thoughts So looking at the map I believe my great-grandparents represent good proxies to the average location of their grandparents. Having researched even further back among my ancestors I’m reasonably confident that they all lived and died close to their children, often in the same parish. This statement does come with a caveat. In the times before my ggg-grandparents there were no British Censuses, so the major sources of information are the local parish registers. As a result the identity of your ancestors goes from definitely, to likely, to merely possible. Like all good genealogists I have a healthy scepticism about the quality of my family tree at such points. Out of curiosity I went to the website and used it to estimate a geographic midpoint of all 8 great-grandparents. It turns out that, on-average, my ancestors come from a point between Harrogate and Wetherby in North Yorkshire. I’m now looking forward to seeing the results of a test I’ve taken. This company is run by some of the people involved in the People of the British Isles project. One of their key selling points for the test is that “ If you have British ancestry, we are able to break that down among up to 21 regions “. Once I get the results I’ll post them here, so people can see how well the results match my research. [Update March 2017] My LivingDNA test results have arrived. You can read about them here . Advertisements

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