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Page Text: milewalk Academy ten-year study by milewalk, which included more than ten thousand employees and two hundred companies, surfaced the hidden reasons why employers have difficulty hiring and retaining top talent. A job candidate’s often faulty decision-making approach coupled with short-term emotions and other external influencers exacerbate an already-systemic issue regarding how employers evaluate job seekers. Companies will struggle with these challenges until they fully understand and account for the real reasons they have difficulty recruiting the right resources. In The Hiring Prophecies: Psychology behind Recruiting Successful Employees, a milewalk Business Book, learn a proven recruitment methodology that counteracts these ever-present challenges when evaluating job candidates. Once employers understand and implement the methods that address the true predictors of recruiting and retention success, they will be on their way to hiring employees who stay! The Hiring Prophecies will become your indispensable guide to: Understand the leading indicators of recruiting and retention success. Develop an optimized recruitment process that pulls in the strongest job candidates and quickly dismisses unrecruitable ones. Learn the most effective job interview techniques and questions to evaluate the candidate. Counteract the candidate’s often faulty decision-making approach that includes moral algebra techniques. Overcome the candidate’s short-term emotions of loss, hardship, and overconfidence. Neutralize the candidate’s outside interference from current employer, potential suitors, mentors, and cyberspace. Watch The Author “This book is a silver bullet for employers. It not only surfaces many of the hidden (and obvious) issues with recruitment, but also gives you the prescription to fix them.” “This book is great. It’s about time someone wrote a comprehensive view of recruiting from the vantage point of both sides: the employer AND the job seeker.” “This book will definitely make you rethink your approach to recruiting.” What they’re saying about The Hiring Prophecies on I’ve been in Human Resources for 17 years, and I wish this book had been available when I started. It makes you rethink your approach to recruitment, especially as it relates to the mind of the job candidate and how we, as employers, don’t fully understand the candidate-related issues that affect the success of a potential hire. I also like that he included appendices grouped together as “My Letters to Your Job Candidates.” It was an excellent touch and makes the book a very complete read considering we are all job candidates as well. My team and I will definitely be implementing these methods soon. — Candace What a refreshing look at a rather bland subject (for many). The author brings to light the most important asks of career changing and hiring—the psychological ones. The interesting part of this book is that the author spends a fair amount of time explaining all the unknown thoughts and feelings that the job candidate is dealing with. The reason that this is important for the employer to understand is that is significantly influences how the candidate thinks through and decides whether to join your company. All of the other aspects you’d hope would be there related the most effective recruiting techniques are there as well. Great book. — Jonathan M. Bashir Fantastic overview of the recruitment process. Highlights one of the most critical aspects of a successful hire—the candidate’s ability to evaluate and think through their decision to join your company. You’ll undoubtedly learn something from the author’s unique viewpoint. A must read if you’re in recruitment. — Sara Curry This is not just another book about recruiting. This is by far the BEST recruiting book I have read. The author does a great job of pulling you in with the evolution of these concepts, how the methods were formed, and what to implement to ensure you’re covering all the necessary elements. By “necessary,” he includes all the often-undetected psychological elements the candidate deals with and the employer typically ignore. — Nicole T. Shehan Excellent resource reading for business owners whether you’re a small business or Fortune 500 company. Our largest challenge and biggest cost is the hiring and retention of high quality staff. The book is written in short, comprehensive concepts that enhance the hiring process to vastly improve recruitment success. As the founder and owner of a boutique investment real estate firm, I do not have time nor the resources to repeatedly train new employees for the same position, let alone hire the wrong candidate to start. — Amazon Customer This book will definitely make you rethink your approach to recruiting. The author really wants you to understand the mindset of the candidate and how that plays into a successful long-term relationship between the candidate and the employer. I’m definitely going to review a number of the sections and incorporate into our recruitment processes! — Luci Pope I loved the author’s approach with this book. Most of the books I read of this name are a simple “how to.” This book highlights what is actually occurring during the recruitment and hiring process that often derails successful connections between the job candidate and employer. These aspects are fascinating, even for a seasoned HR pro like me. The author then shows you how to address and counteract these issues and helps you implement most effective recruitment techniques. The appendices are also a nice touch where he addressed the candidate’s side. Great read. — Tony J. Aukett This book is great. It’s about time someone wrote a comprehensive view of recruiting from the vantage point of both sides: the employer AND the job seeker. It really helps the hiring company understand what’s going through the candidate’s mind and how to use that information to make a sound hiring decision. The author interestingly shows not only what the candidate is thinking, but also how the candidate is feeling. Those feelings are ones the candidate is unknowingly dealing with that often derail a successful hire. Certainly a unique perspective on hiring. — Jim I really enjoyed this book not only because of the content, but also because the style in which the author presented the concepts. His tone is very conversational (almost like you’re reading fiction), but the facts are there to support his conclusions. I also liked the way he takes you through the beginning of these concepts and wraps the book with the three main pillars of success: Matching, Decision-Making, and Communi- cation between the employer and job candidate. A wonderful read that anyone in HR or Recruiting should have. — Stephanie C. This book is a silver bullet for employers. It not only surfaces many of the hidden (and obvious) issues with recruitment, but also gives you the prescription to fix them. I loved the way the author discussed the current state of the employment market (which in many dynamics is here to stay), the evolution of his methods, and the employer’s antidote right down to the steps, questions, and so forth. He also included–which I thought was great–what he titled “My Letters to Your Job Candidates” as appendices. If you buy this, I would not overlook that section of the book. It’s written for the job candidates, but employers will benefit tremendously by understanding the struggles we introduce into the process. It’s very clever. — Maria J. Downen For Media, Bloggers, and Human Resourcers TRADE INFORMATION

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