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Page Text: July 17, 2019 by chauhan lav 6 Comments Musically Bollywood Dialogues Download Dosto agar aap bhe janna chahte hai ki how to musically bollywood dialogues download. Toh dosto ye article aapke liye he hai. Is post main aapko easy way btauga jiske help se aap ya tik tok per koi bhe song ya dialogue find kr sakte hai. Or phir easily us per video bna sakte hai. Musically Bollywood Dialogues Download Dosto aap sbhe jante hai ki aaj ke time me kitna popular app hai. Har koi is app per apne video bnata hai or use phir social site per upload krta hai. But Dosto aese bhe bhut se log hai jo ke bare me nhe jante. Dosto agar aap nhe jante ki ye app kya hai or hum app per kaise video bnaye toh main aapko niche link de rha hu jha per jakr aap k bare me padh sakte hai. se money kaise earn kare in hindi Dosto agar aapko bhe per video bnane ka shok hai toh aapko bhe ye problem aaye hoge ki jab aap apna koi song search krte hai toh bhut der tak search krne ke bad vo song nhe mil pata jis per aap video bnana chahte hai. Or phir hum vo video nhe bna pate. Dosto hume jab bhe per video bnani hote hai toh hum simply open krte hai. Or search bar me vo song ya dialouge search krte hai jis per hume video bnani hote hai. Per jaise he hum search krte hai toh hume bhut sare video dikhaye dete hai but hume vo song ya video nhe milt jis per hume video bnani hote hai. Toh dosto aese situation me aap kya kre. Method 1(Musically Bollywood Dialogues Download) Dosto first way toh ye hai ki aap google se ya kisi or application se song ya dialogue download kr le. Or phir us audio ko edit krke per upload kr de Or phir us per video bna sakte hai. Method 2 (Musically bollywood dialogues download) Dosto apne audia ko search krne ke liye aapko, per kuch famous star hai jin ko folllow  krna hoga. Or phir aapko simply search bar me jana hai or un star ko search krna hai. Kuch famous star hai jaise Manjul khattar, Aashika bhatiya, Fizuliyat. Aapko unke profile me bhut se video mil jayege aapko vo sab video play krke dekhna hai. Or jab aapko vo video mil jaye jisme vo song use hua ho jis per aap bnana chahte hai. Toh aapko us video ke niche ek gol sa button dikhaye dega jo round round ghumta rhta hai dosto vo sound ka he button hota hai aapko us per click krna hai. Or phir aapko ek new page open hogw wha per aapko us audio per jitne bhe video bane hai ve sab dikhaye dege or dosto aapko vahe per ek red color ka video ka button bhe dikhaye dega jisse aap press krke apna video bna sakte ho. Dosto ye he the kuch trick jisse aap apne favorite video per video bna sakte hai. Aap sabko pta he hoge ki mjusically change hokr tik tok ban gya hai but dosto tik tok ke feature change nhe hue hai vo musically ke jaise h hai. Final word (Musically Bollywood Dialogues Download) Dosto aapko ye post How to find dialogue in kaisa lga hume comment box me comment krke jarur btaye. Or dosto is post ko apne dosto ko share jarur kre. Thank You Dosto

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