Page Title: 0161 Festival Manchester Preparations « Fire and Flames

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Page Text: 0161 Festival , ‪Cheers‬ , ‪HolidaysFFStyle‬ , action sedition , ChipButty‬ , FFonTour‬ , fire and flames , Les Trois Huit , manchester , the oppressed , what we feel Mood and anticipation are rising in the Fire and Flames headquarter: Not even three weeks left until the The Miners Community Centre Moston in Manchester opens its doors for the tremendous 0161 Festival . Again the Mancurian comrades put together an outstand line up with legends like The Prowlers, The Oppressed, Inner Terrestrials, What We Feel, Hors Contrôle, Attila the Stockbroker and many more. And of course we`re looking forward to meet our good friends of Les Trois Huit, Enraged Minority, Defenders Of The Universe, One Step Ahead and Action Sédition. So we gonna stack up the car to the ceiling and hope that our junk heap-vehicle survives the trip by land and sea so that we can provide you with a fine selection of revolutionary clothing and music. Suche

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