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Page Text: 12 Feb Hi everyone! I’ve been busy with school for the last few years. Yes, with school! I really love this blog and want to continue! Thank you for all your kind comments and suggestions! Sorry it took so long to approve comments and all. But thank you for the encouraging words! 🙂 I’ve finally returned because of 현빈 (Hyun Bin) and his latest drama, 하이드 지킬 나 (Hyde Jekyll Me) featuring the lovely actress 한지민 (Han Jimin). I think Hyun Bin has gotten even better at acting. Definitely a drama you don’t want to miss out on. I’m also seriously in love with the OST — I won’t lie. Baek Ji Young always sings the best OSTs. Courtesy of SBS. Featuring Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min. I’m going to go through the OSTs and upload the translations one by one with extra explanations as usual! The songs are really good. Seriously good. Plus some good dialogue translations for you all. If you have any suggestions for me feel free to comment below! See you next time. Ciao! Advertisements

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