Page Title: Alfred Music: Method Books, Sheet Music, Instructional Resources, & More

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Page Description: Alfred Music supports music education by providing quality method books, performance sheet music, and reference materials for teachers and students.

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Page Text: All New FLEX Titles Alfred & Belwin FLEX titles—perfect for any instrumentation from large ensembles to as few as 4–5 players. Learn More Remote Teaching Resources Products to make teaching general music and choir from a distance simpler—interactive slides, downloadable books, and more! Shop Now Suzuki Trumpet School With much joy and enthusiasm, the International Suzuki Association’s Brass Committee and Alfred Music are proud to present Suzuki Trumpet School, Volume 1 with recordings by Caleb Hudson from the Canadian Brass. Learn More Federation Festivals 2020-2024 These publications were chosen to be included in the National Federation of Music Clubs Festivals Bulletin 2020-2024. Browse titles by category and level for each. Shop Now Sound Innovations Comprehensive and flexible methods for concert band, orchestra, percussion, and guitar. Book 1 for both strings and concert band are now completely free in SmartMusic.

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