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Page Text: February 10, 2011 – 8:50 pm Using a pop-up on your site is shown to enhance your website visitors response.   Response to what?   Response to your offer – whether that is a product to purchase or a request to join your newsletter. But what is a Pop-up?   A Pop-Up is simply another window that literally ‘pops-up’ when a particular action occurs on a webpage. . . It might ‘pop-up’ when a page loads, when the mouse is moved over a particular part of the page or when a visitor navigates away from the page. Many people feel that pop-ups are highly annoying and generally don’t implement them on their websites however, when done well, they can be one of the most powerful ways to engage site visitors, build relationships and get more sales or signups.  When you use a Pop-Up on entry, it typically grabs your visitor’s attention and gives your visitor’s a specific message.   This message could be to look at a particular part of the internet site, a special offer to join the mailing list or the offer of a gift or trial.   Really, the options are endless. You could implement a Pop-up to be displayed after a certain amount of time on the site.   This is very similar to the Entry Pop-Up.   This allows your visitor to read some of your site before you make another offer. Pop-ups on exit are becoming very popular.   Allowing your guests to look at your site and then making an offer as they leave your site makes a lot of sense.  One use for an exit pop-up is to survey your to ask your visitor their opinion.   By surveying your site visitors as they leave your site, you are developing valuable, in depth market research which you can use to tweak your existing products and services or even create a new product or service to meet your target markets needs. Adding an exit pop-up to your products pages will allow you to ask your site visitors why they didn’t buy.   This will allow you to review your products and services and package or price them more appropriately for your market. You can use an Exit Popup to "down-sell".   If somebody doesn’t buy the product they are viewing, you can offer them a different product at a lower price and this will address price concerns. There is definitive research that indicates that working with a pop-up significantly increases your visitor responses to offers.   This will allow you to build an on-going relationship with your visitor and turn them into a life long customer.

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