Page Title: Tax accountants

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Page Description: We offer accounting services, business support, personal tax and business tax advice, and a one stop shop for limited companies.

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Page Keywords: business plans, financing, accounting system, accounting services, bookkeeping, VAT Return, business tax, corporation tax, tax investigation, personal tax, tax planning, tax return, company, company secretarial

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Page Text: Written by Ray Coman We offer support to your business , by producing realistic business plans , to aid  financing and develop an effective accounting system . We offer a range of accounting services , where you prefer to outsource  bookkeeping , VAT Return preparation, payroll and internal accounts to closely measure and optimise your performance. As business tax specialists, we can assist with planning the tax liabilities of your entity, whether with corporation tax , through the construction industry scheme , or as a sole trader or partner. This not only reduces the possibility of a tax investigation , but improves response to HMRC in the event of a tax investigation, thereby saving costs. As personal tax specialists, we can reduce your individual tax liabilities, through effective tax planning  and mitigating inheritance tax on your estate. We offer a comprehensive UK Tax Return preparation and review service, no matter what your circumstances. If you choose to work through a company , we can help with  forming a new company , deal with Companies House through our company secretarial service and prepare your year-end company tax return and accounts using the most suitable tax software. We have a cost-effective solution for one-person companies . If your requirements include tax or accounting, please contact us for a free, initial discussion.

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