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Page Text: The Clearwater Sun - Smallest of the World's Leading Newspapers Established 1914 School of the Performing Arts ~The 2012 Spring Show starred Ciara O'Connell, Connor Hillman, Markus Ikonen, Alex Roden, Haley Graves, Stevie Kirk, Sammy Gilbert and Rachel Gallagher in a musical version of The Breakfast Club. ~The comedy was staged at the Clearwater Academy International. For an admission fee of four bucks, the viewers got more than they bargained for. Connor Tyler, originally from Glendale California, came across as a Hollywood seasoned pro in the role of slacker John Bender. ~John Hughes' original script was adapted to include song and dance numbers melded with strong acting skills. The production was ably directed by Trish Byrnes. ~"I never had so much fun. I sure got my four bucks worth!" crowed Brian Jones of Jones Subpoena Service. "Can't remember when I've had such a good time." ~Kathy Baird agreed, "Rachel Gallagher played a new role as Brian's mom. It really added a fun new dimension to the Breakfast Club. And the dancers and singers were superb!" Rachel is co-starring in the movie Carpe Totem currently filming at St. Petersburg College. - Ciara O'Connell photo and story by kody moe FEATURED TALENT MEGAN HOUCK AND CLAUDIA ZERDEN Artist Megan Houck performed as a dancer in the Clearwater Academy stage play The Club. Both her work and the textured mixed media portrait by Claudia Zerden were displayed in the theater for the public. Photography was permitted in the theater.  Notice - The Tiki Culture Duo is no longer accepting engagements due to the recent death of Flautist - Composer Claude Kennedy (Master of Arts in Composition USF). His bassist is in the Master of Fine Arts in Music and Sound Design program at San Francisco's Academy of Arts U. 

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