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Page Text: Trainee engineer discovers the airhostess. August 3, 2017 Comments Off on Trainee engineer discovers the airhostess. 4,707 Views First day in an aeroplane. The excitement was not about taking off on a scientific marvel or agonising if its the Airbus or a Boeing, but the curiosity was about two other things; a) how to pee in the aeroplane, and b) what an air-hostess really looks like and what she really does. Back in the nursery days, the back-bencher pundits ... Missile Trump May 8, 2017 Comments Off on Missile Trump 2,969 Views To confront aggressive North Korea, the US has developed a new missile. This missile is called Trump. Too bad this missile is NOT working as expected. Rat Race May 3, 2017 Comments Off on Rat Race 2,695 Views I tell you, today even crime has become a rat race. Take the case of the tech-savvy whiz-kid Shaggy who was running fake call centers in Mumbai suburbs and raking in zillions. Well, this brat of a rat has had to run quite a marathon. Run from Mumbai cops. Run to Dubai. Run from the FBI. Run to Thailand. Run back ... Auto Vibrate April 1, 2017 Comments Off on Auto Vibrate 2,326 Views One day at the massage parlour… A scientific study conducted in the US has found that whole-body vibrations can be as beneficial as exercising. Which comes as a great relief to us commuters in Mumbai. Now we can forget about exercising daily — and simply take an auto-rickshaw ride on our rutted, pot-holed, body-and-bone shaking roads! Text: Subroto, Cartoon: Himanshu Ego Massage March 27, 2017 Comments Off on Ego Massage 1,819 Views I went to see the penguins at Mumbai zoo. But to my horror, what I saw looked like the return of demonetization — 50,000 people waiting in queue! Usually at the most, 50 people turn up outside the homes of our top B-town film stars to catch a glimpse of the star. Compare that 50 to the 50,000 showing up ... Promises, Promises, Only Promises March 5, 2017 Comments Off on Promises, Promises, Only Promises 2,172 Views Parties win, parties lose. Parties sweep in, parties sweep out. Parties come, parties go. But our problems DON’T go away! Text Subroto, Cartoon Himanshu Lady Gaga was at the Grammys? February 19, 2017 Comments Off on Lady Gaga was at the Grammys? 1,681 Views Did you watch the Grammys on TV? What was Lady Gaga wearing? Was it a backless top? Heck, looked like she had it on back to front! Have to say those female American artistes are fashion conscious — but totally unconscious of their boobs peeping out! They are such talented entertainers. Their talent brings out the best in them, And ... Ah…Valentine’s day February 10, 2017 Comments Off on Ah…Valentine’s day 1,711 Views A lovely celebration of amour. This worldwide festival of love was decided to be named in the fond memory of St. Valentines, mostly because it sounded more appropriate than ‘Love-day’. During college years, you are super hyped for the incoming Valentines. It’s like having 31st Dec in the middle of February, where instead of normal resolutions like losing weight, studying, ... 2016, The Year of Marriage December 30, 2016 Comments Off on 2016, The Year of Marriage 1,341 Views It’s the dawn of the new year, which is usually a very exciting time for most people who like a genuine reason to drink. Nothing warrants downing alcohol till you hit coma like your planet completing a rotation around the solar system’s host star. Most people are happy that 2016 has finally ended, since there have been plenty of terrible ... Super Heroes we’d like to see on screen, but won’t. July 19, 2015 Comments Off on Super Heroes we’d like to see on screen, but won’t. 1,389 Views FOUR INDIAN SUPERHEROES WE NEED ON THE BIG SCREEN Tired of Viking gods pretending to be aliens while looking totally human? Bored by time travelers and detectives with British accents? Exhausted by Batman/Iron-man (=Batman in a red suit with better punch lines)? Indian geeks have made their way into the global lexicon of nerd-dom since long before Raj finally started ...

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Humour  jammag JUST ANOTHER MAGAZINE  Trainee engineer discovers the airhostess. Missile Trump Rat Race Auto Vibrate Ego Massage Promises, Promises, Only Promises Lady Gaga was at the Grammys? Ah…Valentine’s day 2016, The Year of Marriage Super Heroes we’d like to see on screen, but won’t. IIT Kanpur, celebrate the genesis of Industry 4.0 with Techkriti Blaze’19 NMIMS College, Mumbai Siesons at SIES College, Nerul, Navi Mumbai When And How Should One Start Preparing For A Post Graduation Abroad? 2019 Elections…and my regret. Study in Europe(Masters) Movie Review; Article 15 Movie Review; Bharat Modi Film Review Restaurant Review ; States on Plates Top 5 Things to hog on your Jaipur visit. 10 Pocket friendly date ideas in Mumbai Book Review ; “Home Fire” by Kamila Shamsie Satan’s Angels: Book Review Book Review; God’s Own Kitchen, by Rashmi Bansal I chose to end; not yet. A Conversation With God Top 10 Underrated shows you must give a try Screw the board exams. QUARK!  – The annual international techno-management festival of BITS Pilani, K.K. Birla Goa campus Speak your mind with MOUTHSHUT.COM Master’s in Management Degree from Germany​/Netherlands​ ​2017​​-18​ PISS2 O Jobs and scope in food technology. Maggi vs Munshi Are you a Virgin? Author Interview – Amandeep Sandhu. Chernobyl: Why HBO’s New miniseries quickly gained a lot of attention? India-Pakistan feud even in ads? World Cup 2019: All Rounders Will Make the Difference 5 Must Watch Netflix Originals Greta Thunberg- A 16 year old nominee for the nobel peace prize Avengers Endgame- The hype, and the records 

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