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Page Text: JAM is India’s Most Loved Youth Magazine since 1995. We are looking for Part time/Freelance: Movies, Game, Music and Book reviewers. Humour writers, cartoonists, caricaturists, illustrators. Writers on sports, fashion. Reporters for Campus and Festivals news. As a youth platform JAM has produced thousands of writers who wanted to simply express their opinion on things that they felt very strongly. And to have fun with their reviews of Movies, Music, Books or Games. We have a special soft corner for humour. We have writers producing the funniest movie spoofs, or doing witty good natured digs at some of the over the top movies stars, cricketers or politicians. Here is what you can do: Email your article samples to :, cc: Please send text in the main body of the mail. If you have cartoons, illustrations please attach them. We only accept and appreciate original work. And yes, JAM pays its writers:) Full time Editorial interns for 6-8 weeks. June-Sep 2013 To write, edit, plan and manage the content on the website. Please send your resumes to, cc: FB admins: Free lance To regularly produce content on FB page, to make it a kick ass page for people like you. Funny and thought provoking. Videos, Images, Posts, Opinion Polls.. the works. E mail your resumes to; cc: Urgently required: Colouring artist, illustrators: to illustrate and colour our cartoons 2012-11-21

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