Page Title: Trucker Trail – New Roads | Aloma's Antiques & Estate Services

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Page Text: alomadevaux So as most of my friends and family know by now, I closed my antique store and hit the road with my honey. We decided a couple months back that we needed to make some changes. We decided to take his trucking business coast to coast transporting goods. What does that mean? Well it means that we’ll be away from home, a LOT. We have 2 small dogs with us in a very confined space, we sleep in bunk beds, we eat on the run, we pee in containers, and we don’t shower everyday. And it also means that we’ll be seeing a LOT of the countryside….and (most likely) a lot of that will be from the passenger seat. But since we decided to make this change, life has been very different…in ways I can’t really describe, both enlightening, beautiful and even a little frustrating. Our dogs have adjusted fairly well even though the first couple of days were terribly unnerving for both them and us. And we have adjusted pretty well too, except for the fact that our truck has been in the shop now for 13 days and we won’t see it till tomorrow – hopefully. So two weeks off and no work = no money. That’s poopy. But on the upside, we’ve already had some great adventures touring different places throughout Maryland and DC. Lucky for us we have a good friend that lives on this side of the world and we were able to stay with him and not need a hotel for the entire time. We’ve seen wonderful monuments, historical sites, antiques, and beautiful country. I wouldn’t want to be any other place right now. Until the next awesome place comes into view . . .

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