Page Title: 2003 Conference (Colorado) – Michael Oakeshott Association

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Page Text: Session VIII: Oakeshott and Our Political Traditions David Boucher, Cardiff University, Oakeshott, Republicanism and the Rule of Law Jacob Segal, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Freedom and Normalization: Poststructuralism and the Liberalism of Michael Oakeshott John Kekes, State University of New York, The Politics of Fairy Tales Gerhard Wolmarans, University of Pretoria, South Africa, Michael Oakeshott’s Characterisation of Politics in an African Context Session IX: On History and the Origins of the Modern European State Martyn Thompson, Tulane University, The Voice of History in Human Affairs Gordon Schochet, Rutgers University, Oakeshott’s History of the Modern European State (in absentia) Eric Kos, University of Michigan, Platonic Themes in Oakeshott’s Understanding of the Modern European State Session X: Oakeshott and Contemporary Philosophy Eric McDaniel, George Mason Universtiy, Oakeshott and Wittgenstein on Rules and Practices Leslie Marsh, University of Sussex, Coherentism and Relativism in the Philosophy of Michael Oakeshott Attila Karoly Molnár, Eötvös University, Budapest, In Defence of Practice: Oakeshott Reads Michael Polányi Gene Callaghan, Ludwig Von Mises Institute, Oakeshott and Mises on Understanding Human Action Other Papers Reconceptualizing Oakeshott’s Philosophy of Religion in the Light of a Re-envisioning of his Metaphysics Leave a Reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Search for:

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