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Page Text: Published on July 19th, 2019 | by Sumit Bhowal 0 Common Computer Problems You Should Know About Computers and cars have one thing in common. That is if something goes wrong, it could easily interfere with the rest of the day. This can be more frustrating if you are not a tech wizard. Sometimes the issue could be more serious than you think. It could mean reaching out to  PC Revive  to get to the bottom of the problems. Most of the problems can be fixed with some troubleshooting if they don’t involve the hardware. Here are some of the common computer problems that you should be aware of and the possible solutions. Not Turning On There is nothing more frustrating than having a computer that just won’t turn on. There could be a couple of reasons that are causing the problem. Before you can throw in the towel, you should: Make sure that the computer is plugged in to a power source Try out a different power source Check the video cards and the memory If everything seems to be working fine, the problem could be the hardware and you might have to call a computer technician to identify the root cause. Blue Screen Often called the screen of death, this is a problem that you will have to encounter at some point especially if you’re using Windows Operating System. Even though it can be repaired with a reboot, sometimes the blue screen of death could be a sign of serious problems with the hardware. If you still experience the blue screen after restarting the computer, you could try rebooting it in safe mode and restore it to a previous version before you started experiencing the problems. If the blue screen persists, it will be time to call a technician to help you out. Page Not Found This is not a computer but a problem with internet connectivity. You should check to ensure that you’re receiving the signal from your router. There is a chance that you might have misspelled the URL of the website you’re trying to access. You can check to see if you can access other webpages so that it is not an isolated case. Slow Computer This a problem that you’re likely to experience after prolonged use. It can even happen if you have a powerful machine because of the way the computer memory is designed to function. You could be having a lot of redundant files that filling up the memory. One of the ways you can easily improve the speed of your computer is by cleaning your hard disk and getting rid of unwanted files. The memory dump will also have to be cleared to promote the efficiency of the RAM. This could technical in nature for some people and you can always call an experienced technician to help with the process. Overheating Your computer might be overheating after using it for a couple of hours or when you several programs running. The computer might not be having a sufficient cooling system and there is also a chance it might be broken. You can let the computer rest for a couple of minutes for it cool before you can start using it again. If the problem persists, contact a professional to provide a permanent fix. Viruses It is not possible for a computer to get viruses when it is not exposed to an external environment. If you own a computer, you will have to use the internet or access external media at some point. This will make it susceptible to viruses . The best way to avoiding viruses is by taking a proactive approach. This will mean installing anti-virus and making sure it is always updated. If your computer is already infected, there are some functionalities that could already be compromised. Installing an anti-virus will get rid of the malware and also protect your computer against future attacks. There are some viruses and malware that will be hard to get rid of. You will be required to call an expert so that your computer can return to its normal functioning. Frozen Computer This can happen when several programs are running simultaneously.  The solution would be a forced restart. If it happens often, you might have to upgrade your RAM so that all the programs that running can be supported. Taking care of the computer will ensure that it lasts for years to come. Sometimes the problem with your computer will come about because of age. This will sometimes mean looking for a new one. You can consult with a technician before making the decision. Like this post? Share with your friends.

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