Page Title: Big Life Changes and No More Babies

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Page Text: A Modern Mom Doing it the Old Fashioned Way Big Life Changes and No More Babies April 11, 2017 Leave a Comment Something happened the end of January when my youngest turned 2. It’s as if the clouds lifted and all of a sudden I had all this bandwidth I hadn’t had in a long time. My baby was no longer a baby. He was a little boy and his development took off. He is so much more independent and can even put on his own shoes (as long as they are Crocs). All you moms know how awesome of a milestone that is. 😉 I had to take a moment and grieve the realization that we are done with babies. There was a bit of sadness but also of excitement. You see almost three years ago we were in the same place. We had decided we were done having kids and were looking forward to all the fun things we could begin doing as a couple and as a family as our boys got older. Then we got pregnant…and well we started all over again. So the last few months have been a time of entering a new phase in life. A phase I thought I was ready for three years ago. Now it has come again and I can’t tell you how excited I am about it. With this new bandwidth I went a little crazy in the de-cluttering and organizational department. I mean I was chucking all our baby stuff, making plans to paint rooms, turned a whole room of our house into a play room,  and basically found all those areas in my house that have annoyed me for so long but I never had the time or mental energy to do anything about them. Now I do! Little did I know what I was doing was for a bigger purpose. So right as I was about to turn another bedroom into a dream closet/craft storage office space God stopped me. You know those times when God speaks to you through many different channels all within the span of a week? It may be a friend, family member, a sermon you hear, stranger, really anything to get your attention. Well that’s kinda what happened to me. Our plan had always been to move eventually from our current home. It only has one bathroom and for a family of five that can get pretty tight. So we had thought we would probably move in about two years. Well God decided to change our timing a bit…ok a lot. The Lord has made it very clear that it is time to move. Believe me this was SO not our plan and it still feels pretty crazy. We love our home and have put so much work into making it just the way we like it. But where God leads we want to follow. So we are selling our home. The first home we’ve ever owned. The place we became a family of five. The backyard where we have held BBQ’s and birthday parties. No, we don’t have another home to move to yet but we know that God is preparing that place for us as we step out in faith and follow His leading. He’s asking us to trust His goodness and that His plan is WAY better than anything we could ever think of. With that hope we list our home and pray this house that has been a shelter for us thru many a storm will be a blessing to the next family. And if you feel so led we would covet your prayers as well. For wisdom and discernment and also for my sanity and stress level. 😉

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