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Page Text: The Victorian music industry is a vast and complex network of people, ideas and experiences. We’ve opened up a dialogue with our peers who work within it and identified the places where we can contribute to making the most significant change for them. We enable Victoria’s music professionals to broaden their networks overseas and learn from the trends that are driving international markets; undertake business development and training; access resources and services; and learn from ‘experts in residence’ whose experience and points of view are invaluable for our industry. If they require fellowships or funding, we can also link them with opportunities to apply for those resources to help grow their businesses and expand their view of what’s possible. We’re the Victorian music industry’s professional support system. The VMDO provides support directly to the Victorian music industry’s many businesses. We are highly aware of the significant economic and cultural value to be found in supporting the music industry, and the businesses within it, and we’re here to make sure that is not taken for granted. We assist Victoria’s small and micro music businesses in reaching their full potential through research, professional development, and more, ensuring a vibrant, thriving music industry for all to enjoy. VMDO will focus on five core business priorities: A. The Future At the VMDO, we are committed to not only keeping up with innovation within the rapidly changing music industry, but leading the charge. + read more With our eyes fixed firmly ahead, we are working to build a bright future for Victorian music businesses, and for the VMDO itself. We understand that in many ways, music businesses have been forced to be reactive due to an ever evolving industry landscape and technological advances. By identifying trends and changes in the industry as they emerge, we are able to share with Victorian businesses, whom can in turn adapt and keep up with the rapid changes of our industry. We dedicate time to understanding the way the music industry is changing across the globe, keeping our fingers on the pulse of relevant research, and conducting our own studies. Guided by the expert counsel of true innovators and disruptors of the music industry, we are developing a complex understanding of how Victorian music businesses should look as we move into the future. With this knowledge, we tailor our projects to be relevant and timely for Victoria’s music professionals, creating programs that assist in creating strong foundations for businesses, and ensuring sustainable growth and career longevity. The transformative impact of our projects will always be assessed and constantly monitored, ensuring that all aspects work as efficiently and effectively as possible for music businesses and professionals. All this works together as we shape what will be a thriving Victorian music industry, long into the future. B. Market Development The VMDO works to open up pathways into new markets for Victorian music professionals, and increase business activity for these professionals within new territories. + read more We are aligning with three key trade areas identified by state key markets with significant potential, that being China, Latin America, and ASEAN, with scope for more key markets in the future. Utilising workshops with export-ready Victorian music industry businesses, we provide information and advice on seeding into these new territories, utilising effective marketing strategies, and creating contacts and networks in these new territories. Simultaneously, we provide music professionals with the tools to understand what their markers of success could be. We work to create greater awareness of the Victorian industry, and the professionals who make it up, within these new markets. And though we’ve started this process with a broad approach, we will adapt to more focussed, individualised programs if need be. Not just geographical, we are also focussed on intersectional development, assisting Victorian artists in spaces beyond their current market, and identifying markets that can be better exploited. We assist in seeking new opportunities across sectors and provide insights, guidence and expert feedback so that music professionals can maximise those opportunities, and confidently know their worth. We’re proud of the Victorian music industry at the VMDO, and as part of our market development strategy, we’re utilising social media and traditional news coverage to share the good news about the Victorian Music Industry on a global scale, so the worldwide music community can be privy to the great work that is being done in our beloved state. C. Music Business Development We are constantly investigating the way music industry professionals, and professionals in other industries, work across the globe, adopting the best and most successful practices for the development of the Victorian industry. + read more We take a proactive, but never interventionist, approach to supporting businesses to develop and flourish. Through regular professional development programs, networking events, and online resources, we share information on best practices and development strategies, allowing businesses access to the best and most relevant information. Networking is an underlying theme for the VMDO and our events. We’ve identified that people work well when they work together, and having a peer group to call on is important in building a health, well-function business. Much of this industry can be isolated work, so from both a professional and mental health perspective, we’ve made it a high priority to encourage and support community as much as possible. Consequently, we’re growing a community of music business professionals that can learn and grow not just from our programs, but from one another. Though a number of business resources for Victorian small and micro businesses already exist, we have discovered they are not readily used by music businesses. Therefore, we are adapting existing resources for small and micro businesses to be more relevant to the music industry and creative sectors. With the supervision of those in the know, we are developing a hub of easily accessible and useful online resources for Victoria’s music businesses. All of our business development is underpinned by a dedication to research, be aware of, and implement, world class best practice protocols from industries around the world. D. Music Business Development – First People It is a priority of the VMDO to ensure that all our programs and the programs of any organisation we work with, are including opportunities for First Peoples. + read more While we apply the First People’s values to everything we do, we acknowledge that First Peoples are vastly underrepresented in the Victorian music industry, and dedicated support is required for First Peoples in starting music businesses, and developing those businesses. We are working closely with First Peoples to identify the specific barriers to participation for First Peoples, in order to specially tailor our programs to bring these barriers down and allow greater First Peoples involvement in all Victorian music industry opportunities. It is important that we increase awareness and utilisation of existing grants and resources for First Peoples that have been historically under accessed, while creating more opportunities wherever possible. Meanwhile, we will work on communication strategies to effectively promote all opportunities to First Peoples. Through a number of business development and mentorship programs, we foster growth and exchange, deepening both cultural awareness and music industry knowhow. Creating a culture of respect for First Peoples, and of their culture and language, is of the utmost importance to the VMDO. By ratifying Creative Victoria’s First People’s protocols specific to music industry, there will be a resources for other members of the Victorian music industry to learn how to support First Peoples better. All the while, we utilise social media and general media opportunities to highlight, celebrate and promote the large community of incredible First Peoples artists and music professionals that we have in Victoria. E. The Support Acts for the Big Names Program This was a specific election commitment from the Victorian Labor Government, that will be delivered by the VMDO: Support Acts for the Big Names. + read more We at the VMDO recognise there are a number of barriers that prevent participation from certain individuals in Victoria’s music industry, and removing these barriers will unleash the greatest potential of music in Victoria. It is a VMDO priority to increase visibility of, and see more involvement from, underrepresented peoples the Victorian music industry. All the while, we seek out opportunities for underrepresented artists on stages in Victoria. Enlisting the services of critical thinkers and professional development experts, we are working to identify specific barriers for artists currently underrepresented in the Victorian industry. These experts are assisting us in creating informed strategies to increase inclusion, that will be readily available for music businesses. Using methods such as unconscious bias training and cultural sensitivity training, we can point businesses in the right direction to gain the right support for all individuals from all walks of life. We are also working to create connections with groups that are not currently completely connected to the mainstream music industry community. View the full VMDO Strategic Plan here

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