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Page Text: Barkala Farm has the space, scenery and accommodation to make your event a hit. Know more about our Farmstay Testimonials good food, great coffee, beautiful pottery . purchased a gift for a friend and pilliga pottery organized the postage for me, including a beautiful greeting card. Tracey Woodward Beautiful setting, friendly people Good food Highly recommended Tim Blatch October 17, 2021 The Old Schoolhouse accomodation was very comfortable, food was amazing and the scenery was magnificent. Only issue was poor water pressure when using any taps in the accomodation. Jake Bogers the experience of just being in this place is unique. Praful Vijay Beautiful pizza and atmosphere like always! Defintly our favourite place to go to relax! 🌿 Jo Taylor scones with cream and jam the best ! highly recommended, will come again Tammy Mckenzie September 25, 2021 Accommodation very comfortable and cosy. Great atmosphere for relaxation and solitude. Good for families good bush walking, pottery lessons or just play with clay, play equipment, pool clean and relaxing. Gardens are a delight of natural beauty, the wildflowers are stunning. Coffee was good as well. Joel thank you for the pottery lesson an enjoyable fun morning. Sharon Scott September 24, 2021 There are many activities to do from working with clay, actually learning how to use a potters wheel, many interesting walks, and day trips in the Pilliga. Camping is good, the Cafe is great including evening meals, and the staff are very helpful. Reg Hinton August 9, 2021 What a great night and great food. A wonderful place to go with some mates and off the grid for the night. Jacqueline Orr Enjoyed our visit to the shop. Matthew King April 23, 2021 A friend suggested we visit and we discovered this oasis in the middle of (almost) nowhere. Beautiful food, great service and pottery. Highly recommended. Josée Lemoine Very nice place for camping and relaxation, art everywhere in form of pottery Luis Estradas Chilled country art. Great outdoor setting. Sean M Daly March 29, 2021 This place is a little off the beaten track but oozes uniqueness in accommodation, loads of personality and plenty of nature to spend time in. Amazing food at the cafe for both dinner and breakfast and customer service second to none. Fantastic atmosphere and would recommend to family and friends for sure 😊 Fiona Ross-Borjeson March 22, 2021 Australian bush setting, amazing views when bush walking, unique blue wren pottery, fun pottery classes, different German menu, great pizza, and lovely hospitality ✅ Jocelyn Palmer March 22, 2021 Such a beautiful place , great atmosphere lovely pottery accommodation absolutely Stunning Extremely friendly staff Clean , rustic it’s definitely a MUST TO COME Sherryn Warton

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