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Page Text: Blossom Magazine Pro (Lifetime Updates and Support) – $99.00 Blossom Magazine Pro + Theme Installation and Setup Service – Theme Installation and Setup We understand that you bought the theme because you liked how it looked in the demo. Even though we have made our theme as easy to use as possible, sometimes things can get tricky, especially if you are new to WordPress. So, leave the hassle of installing the theme and making it look like the demo for us. With this service, our expert team will install the theme on your WordPress website and make it look like the demo. Once you provide us the access details to your website, the project will be completed within 24 hours of the business day. So, sit back and relax while we handle the technicality of the installation process for you. This service is valid for one website. You need to provide us with the login details of your WordPress website. The service will start after you provide us with the required details to your website and will be completed within 24 hrs excluding weekends and holidays. How This Works? Make the payment via Credit Card or Paypal. After you make the payment, fill up the form given below. Once you have submitted the form with all the required details, we will complete the service within 24 hours on the working days. What’s Included? Your favorite Blossom Themes’ theme installation. You need to purchase the theme separately. Demo Content Installation (Including Pages, Widgets, and other settings). Demo Images that you can use on your website. We’ll make sure your website looks exactly like the demo. Adding a contact form

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