Page Title: Codie — Kate Sicchio

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Page Text: Photo: Westley Hennigh-Palermo Codie is Kate Sicchio, Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo and Melody Loveless. We are a live coding trio, making music and visuals. Our performances are A/V shows will electronic sounds and video projections. We perform by creating our works live and anew for each performance. Our sounds are dancey and our graphics are SoCal. Sarah’s visuals are coded with her own Clojurescript-Electron app called La Habra. She creates patterns and abstract shapes that animate and move to the rhythm. Kate and Melody’s music is created in the Ruby-based environment Sonic Pi. They manipulate and layer samples with algorithms to create the soundtrack. We type and improvise as we go, reacting to each other’s output and the audience’s reactions. In accordance with the Live Coding Draft Manifesto, we project our code as we go, so the audience can inspect and marvel at the changes and accumulations. Codie has appeared at many live code and A/V events globally. Our performances are normally 20-30 minutes in length. Selected Performances, Installations and Workshops 2021 April 10, TedxVCU, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA, performance Sept 12, Alignment of Rhythms in Live Coded Audio-Visual Performance. Synaesthetic Syntax: Seeing Sound / Hearing Vision, Ars Electronica, paper. Nov 23, Church of Codie. Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces, online, presentation. 2020 Feb 7, International Conference on Live Coding, University of Limerick, Limerick IE, Algorave performance Sep 4, Sound, Image and Interaction Design Symposium 2020, Video paper 2019 Jan 17, International Conference on Live Coding, Madrid ES, Algorave performance Jan 19, Noiseberg, Berlin DE, Performance Jan 24, Access Space, Sheffield UK, Algorave performance Jan 26, Algorave London UK, Algorave performance Feb 3, Bleep Bloop 3, H0l0, NY USA, Algorave performance Mar 8-31st, Codie on Canal, NY USA, Installation May 10, Live Arts Festival, New York Live Arts, NY USA, Performance Oct 17, Livecode++, Bard College, Annandale NY USA, Talk and performance Oct 20, LiveCodeRVA Algorave, Richmond VA USA, Algorave performance 2018 Jan 9, Secret Project Robot, NY USA, Algorave performance Feb 13, Alphaville, NY USA, Algorave performance April 11, Eyebeam, NY USA, Algorave performance April 20, PS122, Algorave performance August 25, Hystic, NY USA, Performance Sept 29, FARM, St. Louis, USA, Performance Sept 9, An Algorithmic A/V Event, NY USA, Performance Oct 18, Bleep Bloop 1, H0l0, NY USA, Performance Nov 20, (le) poisson rouge, NY USA, Performance Nov 21, Bleep Bloop 2, Cobra Club, NY USA, Algorave performance Nov 23, The Way Station, NY USA, Algorave performance Dec 14, Sound Light Code, IndyHall, Philadelphia USA, Algorave performance & Workshop 2017 Nov 14 Sunnyvale, Brooklyn USA, Algorave performance Dec 21, BrooklynJS, Brooklyn USA, Performance

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