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Kings College, London UK 2014 Hacking Choreography 2.0 (with Nick Rothwell) EU Art ICT Connect, EU Commission, Brussels BE 2014 Choreotoplogy: Complex Space in Choroegraphy with Real Time Video. Real Time Visual Conference, Newcastle UK 2013 Being Interdisciplinary. UArts Multimedia Department. University of the Arts, Philadelphia US 2013 Hacking Choreography. Datarama at Pixel Palace, Newcastle UK 2013 Live Coding Choreography. Thursday Club (with Alex McLean). Goldsmiths University of London, London UK 2012 Hacking Choreography. Data Ecologies: The Map and the Territory. Times Up, Linz AT 2012 Real-time Video in Performance. Dorkbot Sheffield # 4, Sheffield UK Conference Presentations 2021 Where does the improvisation of movement lie? Levels of agency in live coded choreography. The 6th International Conference on Live Coding. 2021 Live Coding Mama. Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces: Beyond the Screen. 2021 Church of Codie. Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces: Beyond the Screen. Sicchio, K., Loveless, M., and Hennsigh-Palmero, S.G. 2021 SloMoCo Art Lounge. Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts. 2021 Alignment of Rhythms in Live Coded Audio-Visual Performance. Synesthetic Syntax: Seeing Sound / Hearing Vision. Sicchio, K., Loveless, M., and Hennsigh-Palmero, S.G. 2021 JSoLangs: ephemeral esolangs in a collaborative live coding environment. CSDH/SCHN Digital Humanities Conference. Sicchio, K., Ogborne, D. and Littler, C. 2020 Alignment of Rhythms in Live Coded Audio-Visual Performance. Sound, Image and Interaction Design Symposium. Sicchio, K. Loveless, M., and Hennsigh-Palmero, S.G. 2020 Agency in Live Coded Choreography. Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces: performance and craft workshop. 2020 Terpsicode: Live Coding Choreography. The 5th International Conference on Live Coding, Limerick Ireland 2019 Programming paradigms for the human interpreter. The 4th International Conference on Live Coding, Madrid Spain. 2017 Layering Machine Learning and Choreography. Mixed Initiative Creative Interfaces Workshop. CHI 2017. Denver CO, USA 2016 Reflections on Live Coding Dance. International Conference on Live Coding. Hamilton, CAN 2016 HTB2.0 Flutter/Stutter. International Society of Electronic Arts ISEA2016, Hong Kong 2015 Stitch. Bitch. Make/Perform. Electronic Visualisation and the Art EVA, London UK 2013 Hacking the Body Workshop. International Society of Electronic Arts ISEA2013, Sydney AUS 2013 Hacking the Body Workshop. ACM Creativity and Cognition Conference, Sydney AUS 2011 Choreographing Topological Spaces within Dance Performance with Real-time Video. International Society of Electronic Arts ISEA2011, Istanbul Turkey 2010 Exploring the Software Programmer as Choreographer. Digital Resources in Humanities and the Arts Conference, London UK 2010 Beyond TV Spectacle – The Choreographic Craft of So You Think You Can Dance. 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